About Us

Who We Are

Our mission is to provide a fun and supportive space for people of all ages and skill levels to learn and experience the joy of dance.

RCDC is located in a gorgeous new studio in the heart of West Little Rock, with classes taught by professional dancers and directors of the highest level.  This boutique combination of wold-class instruction, even for beginners, various traces of study, generous personal attention and beautiful new facilities combine to make RCDC the perfect school for dancers.  Whether you are dancing for fun, or have dreams of pursuing a career in dance, RCDC has the program to fit your needs!



Among many things, RCDC offers a wide-ranging, fun, nurturing, dance experience.  The variety of offerings is the largest in Central Arkansas.  Through our professional staff, we offer recreational and fundamental training classes for dancers of all ages as a fun, athletic hobby.   For those dancers with a higher commitment level and wishing to pursue dance on the next level we offer competition programs, a conservatory ballet training school, and pre-professional training. Regardless of your chosen involvement, every RCDC dancer matters. We listen to you and maintain an open line of communication with all our customers.  Our focus is on the excellence, fun, and joy of dance at every level. We understand the discipline, artistry, and development acquired through the study of dance provide students with the confidence, focus, and grace for success in years to come. 

We offer classes to beginners who want to try the moves they see on TV, as well as train our dancers in classic and commercial styles for professional careers.  We cater to all levels and styles of dance education.  We also bring in working professionals quarterly from across the United States to teach master classes to our students, exposing them to the entertainment industry and opening doors for them to network for their future.  We are the only studio in Central Arkansas providing dancers with these opportunities on a regular basis.  RCDC is a one-stop shop for anything and everything dance!  



Rock City Dance Center uses a carefully designed Recreational and Fundamental curriculum to provide technical instruction appropriate for the age and physical development of each student. The Official Ballet School of Rock follows the SuganoSystemBallet methodology.  Simply put, SSB is a contemporary approach and methodology of classical ballet that integrates the ballet volcabulary and artistry with scientific principles (anatomy, kinesiology and physics) to create the most beautiful, efficient ballet movement and classical lines while reducing the risk of injury.  SSB promotes the longevity of the dancer by maintaining the safest dance practices.  Click here to find out more about SuganoSystemBallet: www.suganosystem.com



Rock City Dance Center’s professional instructors have experience in teaching and performing, each with specific areas of expertise, to bring a wealth of knowledge to the classroom. To learn more about our diverse faculty, please view our staff page.



Rock City Dance Center opened in May 2010 under the direction of Kristen Sadler Pittman.  When the doors opened there were zero students enrolled.  Within the first four months of operation, RCDC enrolled over 200 students and had grown to employ six teachers.  Since year one, the training programs at RCDC have been recognized for their talent and creativity.  That first year, the RCDC Company produced three national champions and received two national choreography awards.  Rock City quickly built a reputation for excellence in the competitive dance world regionally and nationally. RCDC is nationally  known for training strong dancers who are not only quality technicians, but also incredible artists. In 2012, RCDC expanded it’s course offerings to include a pre-professional training program and in 2015 RCDC expanded once again with the Official Ballet School of RCDC.  These two premier training programs offer students the vigorous training required to turn their passion for the arts into a profession.  Along with professional training opportunites, the recreational dance program has continuted to serve the community of Central Arkansas.  Dancers as young as 2 have enjoyed experiencing the JOY of dance with us at Rock City!