Rock City Dance Center Pre-Professional Program 2013 2014

Ages 9+

This elite training program is specifically designed for the RCDC Company dancer who demonstrates a strong commitment to dance and desires additional training. Members will receive advanced technical training and participate in additional required conventions and events. Divison placement is at the directors' discretion.

Selection Process

The RCDC Company Pre-Professional Program members will be determined by a three-point selection process including RCDC Company audition, written application, and interview. Applicants must audition and be placed as a RCDC Company member to be considered for the program. Dancers will be selected based on technique, commitment, and character . Potential and past attendance will also play a part in the selection process. Audition does not guarantee placement. RCDC Company Auditions take place August 1-2, 2016. During auditions, pre-professional applicants must submit their Pre-Pro Application in addition to their RCDC Company Audition Form. There will be a separate Pre-Pro audition after the dancers finish their RCDC Company Audition. Dancers should be prepared for improv and interview. Dancers should wear all black dance attire with their hair securely pulled away from the face.


* Unlimited Company Group Routines * Unlimited Fundamental classes * Pre-Pro classes in Ballet and Variations * 2 Solo/Private Lesson slots * Resume/Headshot Coaching Available * Health & Nutrition Counseling Available *  Intern opportunities at RCDC * All RCDC Company competitions (*fees) * 2 Regional Conventions (*fees) *Convention Nationals (*fees)