Frequently Asked Questions


What makes RCDC Different?
Among many things, RCDC is thrilled to offer a wide-ranging, fun, nurturing, dance experience. Through our professional staff, we offer recreational classes for dancers of all ages as a fun, athletic hobby as well as competition company for those dancers with a higher commitment level, wishing to pursue dance on the next level. Regardless of your chosen involvement, every RCDC dancer matters. We listen to you and maintain an open line of communication with all our customers.

Is the focus education or competition?
At Rock City Dance Center, our focus is dance education.We do have competition opportunities for dancers interested in these extra commitments, however our first priority is proper dance education.The classical training that all dancers receive at RCDC, is showcased for the community as artistic entertainment in our year end Recital. This allows our students to gain confidence through personal and physical growth. At RCDC, competitions do not define our students as “winners or losers”. Our dancers are equipped with the technique and knowledge to continue their study of dance at a higher educational level if they so choose.

What age may my dancer start classes at RCDC?
We suggest that all dancers be at least 3 years old and potty trained to take dance classes at RCDC.

Is the emphasis of the Recital Technique or a dance that has been practiced all year?
At Rock City Dance Center, we don’t start our recital dances until the beginning of February, with an emphasis on technique throughout the year. We choose tasteful and age appropriate costumes and choreography for all of our recreational dancers. We want parents to feel comfortable and proud of what their children are presenting on stage. We feel the focus of the performance should reflect what the students have learned throughout the year.

Is it important to register early?
YES! The earlier you register the more options are available for your dancer. Classes will fill up quickly. You can now register online or by printing the registration form and droping it off at RCDC with registration payment.

Does RCDC have dancers who have received college scholarships?
Despite our short history, many of RCDC's dancers have gone on to pursue professional careers in dance.  This includes scholarships, placements and apprenticeships with Kansas State University, University of Arkansas Little Rock, Oklahoma City University, University of Arkansas, ASH Dance Convention, & American Musical & Dramatic Academy.

What experience is necessary to dance at RCDC?
We offer classes for students ranging from 3 years old and up and classes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. It is our goal to provide your child with a class in which he or she feels comfortable while being challenged.

How large are the dance classes?
The student/teacher ratio is low in all of our classes in order to give personal attention to each student.

How long and how often are the dance classes?
Classes are from 30 minutes to 2 hours long depending on age and abilities. RCDC operates on a 9 month schedule from September through May. Recreational dancers usually dance 30 minutes to 1.5 hours a week.  The RCDC Company members usually dance 5-20 hours a week depending on commitment level.

How much are dance classes?
Dance classes vary in price depending on the length of the class. Discounts are given for multiple children in a family. Please see the fee schedule here for detailed information.

What should be worn to dance class?
All dancers must be dressed in proper dance attire along with the proper shoes to achieve the most from their dance education. Correct placement can only be seen through appropriate dancewear such as leotards, tights, sports bras, hot shorts, dance pants, fitted tanks, etc. Footlights dance boutique is located in our shopping center. The friendly staff would be happy to help you with the appropriate shoes and dancewear required for RCDC.


          *Any color/style leotard or dance clothing is acceptable for Recreational Classes

          Creative Movement (ages 3-4): Black tap Shoes, Pink Ballet Shoes

          Pre-Dance (ages 5-6): Black Tap Shoes, Pink Ballet Shoes, Tan Jazz Shoes

          Dance 1 (ages 7-9): Black lace-up Tap Shoes, Pink Ballet Shoes, Tan Jazz Shoes

          Dance 2 (ages 9-11):Black lace-up Tap Shoes, Pink Ballet Shoes, Tan Jazz Shoes

          Dance 3 (ages 12+):Black lace-up Tap Shoes, Pink Ballet Shoes, Tan Jazz Shoes

          Musical Theater Performance: Tan Jazz Shoes

          Hip Hop Performance & Boys Hip Hop: Any tennis shoe/sneaker.

          Boys Tap: Black Tap Shoes


Do you have a Dance Recital? How many costumes do I need to purchase?
Yes. We have our annual Recital in May . Most recreational combo classes perform 2 routines. The emphasis of the RCDC recital is the technique that has been learned over the year.  We chose tasteful and age appropriate costumes and choreography for all our recreational dancers.  

Can parents watch dance classes?
All classes at RCDC are broadcast on our closed circuit TV system.  Parents may observe their dancers anytime through the large screen TV in the lobby.  Parents are not allowed in the classroom.

Do you have parent conferences?
If at any time you wish to schedule a parent conference with the director or an instructor, please contact the studio to schedule an appointment. It is so important to keep an open line of communication! Unfortunately our staff cannot be interrupted between classes, so please leave a note or contact the studio for a conference.

What type of commitment is expected of recreational dancers?
Our dance program places dancers according to their level and age.  A commitment to class attendance is extremely important for a dancer’s progress.  Missed classes may be made up with another class on a similar level.  No refunds or reductions are given for missed classes.

What is competitive dance?
Competitive dance is a popular, widespread activity in which dancers perform in various dance styles before a group of judges. Dancers who compete usually range in age from four to eighteen years old. Dancers can compete in groups, duos, trios and/or solos. Competitive dancers must continuously train to maintain and improve their technique, balance skills, strength and flexibility. Competitive dancing requires a solid commitment to dance.

Does RCDC have classes for adults?
Yes! We have classes for beginner through advanced adult dancers.. We take pride in working with dancers of all ages and backgrounds and believe that anyone with a passion for dance has a place at RCDC. We provide an environment that promotes learning while being challenged and all in a fun enviroment.

Are there employment opportunities at RCDC?
If you are interested in working with us at RCDC, please bring your resume and visit us at the studio. We are always looking for talented instructors to add to the Rock City Dance family.